About Us

Coastal Computer Medics is an award-winning company that provides IT consultancy services for a number of industries, including construction  and medical services. Founded in 2010, our company brings to the table  more than 25 years of industry experience within the young management  team and helps our clients reach their full potential through the use of  technology. 

Our Approach


Our services including full-managed IT services, as required technical computer support, and home users. 

 Ask us about:  

  • Network and system security
  • Day to Day management of computer systems
  • Server management and virtualisation
  • Cloud-based technologies that will grow with your business
  • Telecommunications including Internet and PBX services

Why Us?

Technology  is key in business — that’s why when it comes to hardware, software and  infrastructure selection, we are choosy. We want to give our clients  the time and guidance they deserve. We didn’t get to were we are alone -  and neither will you. Call us today.